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8 meters long furnace!!!

Our company has been creating its image since 1997. We have been developing dynamically, initially as a civil law partnership and since 2015 as a kind of a limited liability company (Sp z o. o.).

We have a reputation of a reliable, experienced, timely and honest company which provides top-level services. From the very beginning, i.e. for almost 20 years now, we have been working with a world leading producer of power generation devices, an international company, ABB. We provide painting services for ABB, specializing in painting completed tanks for transformers of different power ratings and electric motors.

We mainly deal with industrial painting of steel structures, machine components and equipment, castings, aluminium, gates, fences, wheel rims, etc.

We provide services in partnership with numerous customers whose products coated by us are valued virtually all over the world and are perfectly able to operate in any climatic zone.

Our paint coatings have been certified for corrosion resistance for climatic zones up to C5M, issued by an independent institute in Gliwice.

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