We provide comprehensive painting services in the field of preparation and powder coating of components entrusted to us.

All components are shot blasted before painting, which increases the adhesion strength of the final layer. In terms of corrosion protection, we perform both processes in a single hall, apply zinc-based primer paint on the component, and then finish it up with topcoat as per the customer's request. The particular paint colour is selected on the basis of the international RAL system.

We have 8 powder coating lines. All our furnaces or dryers are equipped with fan-assisted air flow, which ensures the excellent quality of our paint coating. The dimensions of the largest component that we are able to paint now are as follows:

  •  width  1.80 m
  •  height 1.80 m
  •  length 8.00 m

The maximum weight of a painted component is 1.5 - 2 t.

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